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takeover of GMF,
Final offer closes
23 September 2016
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FY16 results
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Full Year Results
For the Year Ended
30 June 2016
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Acquisition of
$166.0 million
fully-leased Victorian
office building
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Our philosophy is to be a pure landlord, with 100% of our income derived from rent under leases to quality tenants from commercial real estate.

Growthpoint Properties Australia is an ASX listed real estate investment trust or A-REIT (ASX Code: GOZ), with a mandate to invest in Australian property in the industrial, office and retail sectors.

GOZ’s objective is to provide investors with a tradeable security producing consistently growing income returns and long-term capital appreciation.

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Our Key Metrics

As at 30 June 2016

Total property portfolio value $2.8 billion
Distribution guidance FY17* 21.3 cps
Number of properties 58
Office / industrial 56% / 44%
Average property age 9.2 years
Occupancy 99%
Weighted average lease expiry
(by income)#
6.9 years
Weighted average rent review
(assumes CPI of 1.0%)
Weighted average capitalisation rate 6.9%
NTA per stapled security
Balance sheet gearing 42.6%
All-in cost of debt 4.1%
Percentage of debt fixed 65%
Average debt maturity 4.2yrs
Average fixed rate debt maturity 5.7yrs
* Excludes any impact from a successful GMF takeover. # Pro forma, including leasing announced post 30 June 2016.