Philosophy & Strategy

Growthpoint Properties Australia is a publicly traded ASX listed A-REIT (ASX Code: GOZ) that specialises in the ownership and management of quality investment property. Growthpoint owns interests in a diversified portfolio of 57 office and industrial properties throughout Australia valued at approximately $3.8 billion and has an investment mandate to invest in office, industrial and retail property sectors.

Growthpoint is included in the S&P/ASX 200 Index and has been issued with an investment grade rating of Baa2 for senior secured debt by Moody’s.

Growthpoint aims to grow its portfolio over time and diversify its property investment by asset class, geography and tenant exposure through individual property acquisitions, portfolio transactions and corporate activity (M&A transactions) as opportunities arise.

Growthpoint’s history

Growthpoint commenced in its current form in 2009 with $650 million of industrial property. It has grown and diversified to now own $2.6 billion of office property and $1.2 billion of industrial property in every Australian State and in the Australian Capital Territory.

100% real property investment

An investment in Growthpoint is a 100% real property investment underpinned by four core principles:

1. 100% investment in Australia

All of the Group’s properties are located in Australia where our management understands the key markets. We have continually increased the diversification of the portfolio to cover every State in Australia and the Australian Capital Territory and have also reweighted the portfolio by geography and sector from time to time.

2. Limited development risk

The Group does not operate a property development business and does not intend to take on any significant development risk. It will likely continue to purchase properties to be developed, fund construction of developments, or enter a joint venture where the Group becomes the owner of the property on completion but only where material leases are in place.

3. 100% of income from property

The Group does not have a funds management business nor does it intend to become a fund manager. The Group intends only to manage a portfolio of properties that it owns. It may also acquire stakes in other property entities provided the income is sourced primarily from real properties. Accordingly, the Group’s income is, and will continue to be, derived solely from rental income.

4. Internalised management

The Group has internalised management via a stapled entity structure. Securityholders own both the property trust and the manager/responsible entity. There are no fees payable to external managers for operating the business and no conflicts of interest between Securityholders and the manager/responsible entity.

These strategies allow us to be 100% focussed on providing a growing income stream for Securityholders.