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In 2009, Growthpoint Properties South Africa (GRT) recapitalised Orchard Industrial Property Fund and created Growthpoint Properties Australia. At this time, the property portfolio consisted of 25 industrial properties, valued at approximately $650 million.

Since then the Group has grown, adding new properties to the portfolio, and enhancing its existing assets. The portfolio now consists of 58 office and industrial properties, valued at approximately $5.1 billion.

Historical transactions and events

Takeover of GPT Metro Office Fund (GMF) – 2016

On 1 July 2016, Growthpoint announced a $321 million off-market takeover offer for ASX-listed GMF. The fund comprised six A-grade office properties valued at $440.3 million. 

Historical information on GMF and the takeover transaction can be found below.

GMF takeover by Growthpoint Properties Australia
Distribution and tax information for GMF Securityholders
GMF – historical results and reports

Growthpoint Properties and Rabinov Property Trust Merger – 2011

In July 2011, Growthpoint completed a scrip takeover of the Rabinov Property Trust coupled with a $102.6 million rights issue. Through the merger Growthpoint acquired four office properties and two industrial properties valued at a total of $184.0 million. 

Information on this transaction can be found in the following documents: